Sunday, June 4, 2017

What's up with me lately?

Who would have thought that I would write again. It's been a almost a year since I wrote in my blog. A lot has happened obviously and guess what, my daughter is 16 Months Old now. Time Flies!

Life has been so crazy. I had so many draft post that I made through out the year that I just can't find myself to finish. I have so much to express and share however, when I get to the keyboard everything just goes away.

You might wonder why I decided to blog again. Actually, thanks to a Mommy Friend who recently started blogging and I just love how raw and confident she is to share it to people.

Here I am writing something that will make sense. Anyway, to give you a summary of what has happened for the past months. I switch on a different schedule at work but I'm still not really fond of my work. Our kitchen is finally complete and we decided to rent our home out. It's now being rented and we now live with my in-laws. Although my in laws are great and it's still weird and different than living on your own space.

My job has been really hard on me. I've been struggling since I came back from Maternity Leave and when I finally found my groove back then I had an emergency surgery. I just feel so down that I tried so hard but it's not rewarding. What I just keep on thinking is that we'll be moving out next year and I just can't wait to move and have a brand new start.

Juggling life as a wife, mom and full time worker is not easy and it definitely took a toll on our life.

I cannot say that everything is great nowadays but it has gotten a little bit better.