Saturday, December 12, 2015

Baby Shower No. 2

December 11th, Friday

My 2nd Baby Shower finally came and it was a fun one. It was a Baby Shower, hosted by my Co-Workers. The funny thing about it though, they were trying to hide it from me, I guess they were trying to surprise me. But I already knew from the beginning of the planning.

I'm really bad at pretending, so it was more a funny thing when they were trying to lead me to believe that we're having a meeting the conference room.

The so-called Surprise Baby Shower turn into an hour of laughter. Everyone mostly shared experience as being a mom, and others shared their experiences as a child growing up. It was pretty much an enjoyable one.

Here's some pictures from the Baby Shower and some gifts that I receive from them:

I didn't get the chance to take a lot pictures since we we're mostly talking and laughing. I'm so grateful to be a part of their team. I'm surely gonna miss them when I go on my Maternity Leave.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Baby Shower No. 1

Finally, the day has come for my Baby Shower. I cannot begin to explain how happy I am for the outcome. I actually had a blast. I'm still overwhelmed with Happiness.

My sis-in-law did a great job together with Mom-in-law in making all these possible. I feel so grateful to have family and friends. Even to those people whom I've never met before, I feel so blessed. The GIFTS, oh my! We're amazing. I was not expecting that much but I got too much.

Here's some photos from my Baby Shower earlier.

I was not really used to being the center of attention. It felt a little awkward but the people around me made it cheerful and funny making me feel comfortable. My husband's cousins even though they are out of State also sent us some gifts which is unexpected considering I have never met them before. (well, one of them).

Last but definitely not the least and one of the best things (I'd say!) I have receive today is from my DH's Grandmother who lives in Ohio. She made my little one a handmade blankie. The colors are really pretty.

I was definitely surprise about it, although she was not there to celebrate with us but she took the time and effort to send us some love.

This is really something worth remembering. Grateful for all the people around me!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Packing Begins


Days are flying by like crazy, just thinking about it makes me nervous and excited at the same time. I want to hold my baby girl and see her tiny face again. Last time I saw her was during my Anatomy Scan, I was 22 Weeks then. Now, at almost 33 Weeks, I'm in the Homestretch. What more can I do than to get packing, you'll never know when you're ready to pop. 

Packing is something that I really don't mind doing, I've been traveling a lot, and have move a lot of times that it's something I'm so used to. But packing for a hospital bag is a different ball game, I guess. I have to google some guidelines on what is necessary to pack during this time.

So, what's in my Hospital Bag or What will I be bringing at the hospital?

For me:

**Birth Plan - I'm planning a Natural Birth and this is something I strongly wanted. Although, sometimes it might not go as planned, it's still very helpful to let your medical team know what your preference is.
**Socks and Comfy Slippers - It's gonna be cold in the hospital for sure and it's also gonna be around winter, not that it's gonna get so cold here but weather is very unpredictable in Pensacola.
**Maternity Tank Tops - I bought two just in case.
**Maternity Bras and Pads 
**Toiletries - Soap, Shampoo, tootbrush, toothpaste, facial wash, deodorant, moisturizing cream, lip balm - That sums up for me. I don't do make-up but if you do you might also want to bring that with you.
**Hair Ties and a Brush - I have crazy long hair and it would not be nice to be all sweaty(during delivery) and have my hair everywhere. I can't even imagine.
**Glasses which is like attach to me anyways, I'm blind and I can't leave the house without them.
**Bath Towel - according to my sources hospitals do provide but they are very thin. I really don't know what kind of towels the hospital will provide but just to be safe, I'll bring my own.
**Robe to keep me warm
**Comfy Clothes during labor, after delivery and upon going home.
**Undies that I'm not scared to get damage/stained
**My Nook Tablet - I'm not even sure if I can still read during labor but who knows. =P
**Phone and Charger
**My Camera and Charger (if ever my camera's battery is half empty, but I doubt it since I have dual battery)
**Nursing Pillow
**I might even bring an extra pillow for myself to keep me comfy.

For the Baby:

**First and foremost, the car-seat. Hospitals will never let you leave with the baby without a designated car seat. I did call my hospital and check with them if they are okay if the car-seat is convertible. It was a relief to hear them say it is as long as it's installed properly and that it has the correct requirements for an infant/newborn.
**Going Home Outfit and some extra - I have heard from different parents that they have change their baby's clothes a couple of times. So, I'm bringing at least 3 pairs of baby clothes.
**Swaddle Blankets
**Receiving Blankets - I know the hospital provides one but it's always nice to have some extra.
**Hats - just in case we need a clean one.
**Baby Wipes
**Blankets to keep the baby warm while in the car seat.

For the Dad:

Since we don't live that far from the hospital and we have a dog, my husband can just go home, take a shower and tend to our dog after delivery. But during labor he might be there with me the whole time good thing we have my in laws so they might be able to help us with our dog.

I do have to pack something for him still such as clean clothes, toiletries, pillow and blanket.

Luckily, the hospital that I'm delivering has a Starbucks, 24-hr Subway Restaurant and Wendy's. Also, it is located right next to a MALL. Food is not scarce in that area.

I think that's about it for now. All I'm just wishing and praying is to have a safe delivery and hopefully it will go as planned.

How about you, What was in your hospital bag?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stuff for the Little One

 This week, our house has been bombarded with baby stuff. The important baby stuff.

Last Sunday, my in-laws decided to drop off the Car Seat for our Little One. Originally, my MIL wanted to buy the Stroller, but I was too hesitant to give her that task, since I was too shy to give her the price of the stroller that I've been eyeing on. So, I talk her into buying the car seat instead which is price lesser than the stroller. She did agree and said "Whichever you want." My MIL bought the car-seat that I wanted, I'm so happy and so excited to install it in our car soon. It's the Graco 4Ever featuring Safety Surround Side Impact Protection all-in-one. For those of you who are wondering, I intend to baby wear. I also love this car seat cause it can last for years to come. Which I think is a good investment.

**By the way, I know not everyone has a good relationship with their in-laws. But I'm so proud and happy to have a mother-in-law like her. She's such a blessing. I certainly adore her.

Then, the stroller that I ordered online finally came in. It's called the City Elite by Baby Jogger.
Another awesome thing that came in was the Breast-Pump that I ordered through Aeroflow Healthcare and was 100% covered by my Insurance. It's a starter set by Medela, this is so awesome, whenever I go back to work after my maternity leave. Here's to hoping I have good milk production.

Today, we finally decided to buy a new mattress for the Crib. The Crib was actually given to us for free by my Sis-in-law's friend who happens to be getting rid of their baby's crib since she's getting bigger. I got the crib awhile back and I'm so pleased with it. It still looks like new which is awesome.

This week was very productive for us and it surely add to that feeling that everything is getting real by the minute.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Baby Registry and then some...

Since it's getting near and the baby shower is fast approaching, Baby Registry is something to prepare for - Well, I guess that's what you do here in the States and other Countries, but from where I came from, registry is something that is unheard of or maybe it is but only for the Rich and Famous.

What do I really think about this?

I have zero complain about opening a registry, in fact for me it might help those people who are willing to give something on your shower.

It bothers me that there are some people who gets upset when they don't get what they put on their registry or someone might have purchase it but did not mark it off the list. Makes me sad for them, how are you complaining when this is something that you should be thankful. There's a lot of people out there who can't even afford a diaper, and you're getting all these items for free. Why can't we just be grateful? If you truly don't like the item or you already have one, might as well, sell or maybe try to exchange it or maybe do something for it to make it useful, give it to someone who need it. I'm certainly not use to people complain about such things when there's always solution. I also overheard someone complaining, that "they are getting free food, and they can't even make the gift right." This one is really upsetting. For me a shower is something that people want to do for you to celebrate your pregnancy and your baby. Having people you care celebrating it with you is already a nice gesture, gifts are just "icing on the cake". Gifts should be given wholeheartedly. They can be there and not bring me anything and I'm still gonna be thankful that they are there to show some love. In this busy world, time is precious and for them to give their time for you is already a gift.

It amazes me how people are getting upset over silly things. Is this what you call First World Problems?

I know some do plan their own showers and might be expecting something specially with all the planning and money they put in it. But is being upset of not getting what you wanted really the way to go? What if those people, can't even afford what you have in your registry at that moment, or they found something less expensive. Why can we just look into the other person's perspective and be realistic.

I think that we should all just be grateful of what we have at this moment, there's a lot of people in this world who will never experience such kindness.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baby Shower: This coming December

I got a mail today. It's an Invitation to my Baby Shower from my Sis-in-Law. Pretty Cool! I technically never had attended a baby shower before, so this will be my first and it also happened to be mine.

I was not at all hoping or expecting a baby shower, but I'm so much blessed to have people around me suggesting and are willing to host a baby shower for me.

At first, I was a little hesitant. It felt weird that someone is willing to host a party for me. I seriously have to convince myself to accept it by consulting my close friends (who are a thousand miles away from me) and my husband.

Then, I found out that my co-workers wanted to host a shower for me at work. Wow! I was so overwhelmed.

Although, we just move here a year ago, I'm so pleased that there are people who are willing to do this.

Now, I'm so excited, for my two showers, not because of the gifts, but the thought of people who are willing to celebrate my pregnancy. It's the thought that counts.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Belly Progression

I started doing a Weekly Bump since I hit the 20-Week mark. It amazes me how big of a difference it is in a span of 10 weeks.

10-Week Difference

This might sound weird or maybe not, but I really do love my belly. I feel like with all the people that surround me, I often hear them complain about something during their pregnancy. I, in the other hand feels the opposite. I feel really good most of the time, I feel lucky and blessed. If there's something that I really need to complain about, maybe my emotions. Crazy hormones! I find myself, crying over silly commercials or something that I read which really does not make sense. I guess that's what you call the "joys of being pregnant"... =)

Looking at my belly, and thinking that I'm already 30 Weeks.. I only have 10 more weeks to go and this baby is coming out to see the world.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Time Flies!

November is here but before that, What happened the week before today?
  • WORK was definitely dragging, I'm so caught up I've ask my co workers if they need help and I'm still bored, I just want to get out of the office. Really! I was so looking forward for the weekend. 
  • I took my 2-hr Glucose Test on Friday, since I did not pass the first one. Hoping I pass this time.*Fingers-Crossed*
  • My mom's birthday was on the 30th, It's been awhile since I literally saw her in the flesh, 4 1/2 years to be exact. Although, mom and I are like cats and dogs, I miss her 
    • It was my mom's 52nd Birthday, I swear she does not even look a day like 40. I'm not kidding, she does look so young, I guess she just knows how to handle stress. =)
  • Halloween 2015! Well what about Halloween? Nothing really, I spent the day out of the house, the hubs was at work since Friday (Duty for 72 Hrs), while I spent the day to myself, which is I call me time. I don't really like shopping, but I like to look around. Although, it was raining, this pregnant lady, drove around town like I own a gas station. I was definitely, avoiding Trick-or-Treaters. I even went and watch a movie by myself. After that, I was still not satisfied that I decided to rent not one but 2 movies from RedBox. 
  • Sunday was pretty much random. Went to Target (again!) just to look around, which I usually do. Groceries and went home to get ready for the next day.

So, what's up with November? 

It could only mean one thing, I have less than 3 months before my Due Date. Time does fly! I can't wait to meet my little one. I have too much emotion right now. It's not easy but I'm trying to be positive as much as I can. I'm very blessed to have a problem-free pregnancy, I feel like with all the people that I talk to about their experience with pregnancy most of them describe it as being sick all the time or in pain. I'm glad I did not have those, although, my hormones occasionally kicks-in and make me so emotional.

Looking forward to...

A Baby Shower, my SIL decided to host one for me. yey!

My Favorite Holiday of the year. "CHRISTMAS"... I love Christmas so much, there's just something about it that makes me giddy. I love how people are during this special day. I love the music and cold weather. I know, it's not yet December but I just can't help it.

I have too much to look forward to this coming months. Hopefully, all goes well.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Naming

Before I was pregnant, or even way back before I even got married. I always love the idea of naming my own child. I have all the list that I wanted to name my future children. I feel so certain by then that my future kids will be named like what I want them to be.

Now, that I'm pregnant, baby naming is sure a mind-boggling experience. And then there's your significant other that you have to consider as well, after all he help you create the growing life in your tummy. But of all those list that I always had in mind, there was not one of them that we ended up choosing.

We settle with a name that my husband literally pick, but of course with my Approval. I already told him what kind of names I like, I'm not Old Fashion when it comes to names. I want to be a little different and not so common. I was really surprise that he did pick that name. I would have never guess.

Although we as a couple, finalize the name of our unborn child. I decided not to tell the world about it just yet.

Part of it is that, I wanted it to be a surprise, I was thinking of telling people later on when I'm about to pop or really close to my due date. The other part is avoiding nasty comments or reactions. It's not that I care, but the thought of people having negative comments really is annoying and depressing. No matter how other people say, "relax! it's not their child" but the truth is, it will linger in your mind. I have unfortunately, seen it before and even though I was not the one who was in that position, I felt bad for the couple. Pregnancy should be celebrated and people who has nothing nice to say should just shut it.

I have already been asked by a bunch of people about our Baby's name. It does make me feel cornered to be honest, as if I'm doing something bad. I want to tell them that we have not decided yet, however, opinions might arise. So, I decided to be honest and let them know that we do have a name in mind but we're not ready to share it yet. Amazingly, people are respectful about our decision, although some random friends and co-workers might have those reactions where they will say "Are you serious?" "Why not?" I just let it slide. For me, this is better and will stay that way until I'm ready.

Anyway, I'm really glad that my husband and I finally decided on a name. My husband literally love the name. Baby naming was definitely something that made us more closer to each other.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reading Again

I've been really slacking in terms of reading. According to my Goodreads, I'm 21 Books Behind Schedule. Ahhh!

I have too much books in my bookshelves, Nook and iBooks but I do not have the time to read them.

Lately, I regain my love for reading and this is what I'm currently reading:

THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

I know it's now showing on theaters but I refuse to watch the movie not until I finish this book. I haven't finish it yet, however, this book is so interesting. I love how this books is written. It actually gets your attention. It makes you believe that it actually happened.

Oh! The beauty of a good book. I can't wait to finish it and watch it on the big screen.

As what Mark Watney said, "I'm pretty much f***ed."

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Something I used to love

It's been too long since I grab my camera. I have been so busy with work, that I don't get to explore Pensacola at all. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of nice places in Pensacola. I'm just too busy (i guess..) with so many things that I forgot to appreciate nature and how I used to just love and capture them.

I feel so old and dull just thinking that I'm not enjoying my time here at all. When we were used to be stationed in Key West, I honestly wasn't loving living there, but of course we do not have a choice. Life is what you make it, they say. Although I did not really enjoy my time there, I did have some fun just wondering around and taking random pictures. It was a way for me to appreciate what we had at that moment.

I'm not a photographer, but just an enthusiast. I most likely take pictures of views and landscape than with people. Looking at those old pictures while in Key West, I begin to think that I've been missing a lot lately. I need to get out again and make some memories while we're here.

Some of the pictures while in the Keys.

Friday, September 18, 2015

ETD January 2016

I have been waiting to post this. 
I guess it's time... So here you go... 

Yes, we are indeed expecting. I just found out yesterday that we are expecting a Baby Girl. All I wanted is for this baby to be healthy all throughout. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and treasure the life of Motherhood.

Just seeing her growing and her heart-beating makes you want to give your all. It's really exciting and quiet scary at the same time, thinking that in less than 4 months, we'll be welcoming a New Born in our Growing Family.

Life is indeed unpredictable.
Creating a Life is amazing and worth living.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

And for some Great News!

Today was really great start of my work week.

It would have been just another ordinary day until my bosses pulled me out and talk to me in private. They were pretty straight forward and spill the beans. I was just offered a Permanent Position....

It was one of the greatest thing I've ever heard in awhile. It was just so great that I literally had my smile from ear to ear. I can't contain my excitement that I just literally express to them how grateful I am for the offer. I immediately accepted without even thinking. Thinking back, I look hilarious... I was to excited and too happy to even contain myself.

Then I remember a week from today, I had a dream, that the Asst. Manager personally told me about the permanent position. It felt so real, that I woke up disappointed. Fast forward to today, I feel like this is just a dream and it might end. It still feel surreal. I've been working with the company as a Temp for about a year, I started with a different position which is really hard to get permanent, one day I got bored, I wanted to do something different and something more challenging. Then I got offered to what I do now which is Processing, it's still a temp job but it's way different. I gladly accept and started training last February, by April we hit the Floor and started it all by ourselves. I was determine to do the best I can and then finally got recognize about the dedication I'm putting up with my work. It is truly an amazing feeling.

Very Grateful for this opportunity, there's no better timing than this.

Monday, September 7, 2015


One of the things that bother me so much is when people act like they are entitle to tell you what to do with your life. I grew up in a place where people technically mind other people's businesses. Although, not blood related, they tend to consider everyone like a family. I don't have anything against being treated like a family, but there's always a limitation.

It's just became too much that I feel like I don't want to keep quiet anymore. I'm too tired of reading every post and every comments they have on how or what should I do with my life. Granted, they have experienced more and have been unto some rough times as well. But constantly stating something which is not ever gonna happen anytime soon is aggravating and depressing. These people technically know what's going with my family who is back in my home. All I need is some consideration of the fact that these whole thing makes me so upset because I know for a fact that I cannot fulfill it anytime soon.

For sure, they will consider it as a joke or just for them to say something. But don't you have to consider the other person's feelings in regards to this? Some Adults are so inconsiderate about the younger people's feelings. They think, just because they're older they can just tell you what they want for you to do or in their best interest.

My family has been in a constant battle with life for sometime now. I do not want to hear anymore comment or add insult to our situation. Just because on the surface we look fine doesn't mean we are undeniably OKAY. People need to know where they stand. People need to know that no matter how close you are with this person there is always what you call Boundaries.

Friday, February 13, 2015

My 28th...

February 7, the day I was brought into this world.
Another year older...
Birthdays... I can still remember, as a kid I always look forward to that special day, where I feel the most important person in the world. Growing up, my parents did everything in their power to celebrate my birthday with a blast. It was a celebration, a family gathering, food galore heck I can even invite almost everyone I know.

Now, it's just an age difference. I haven't been "celebrating" my birthday since I was 18. I never look forward for anything but somehow friends and families turn up with something. I'm grateful for those moments, although I don't think I deserve it that much but the thought of them doing such things makes me feel so special.

Here are just some of the special things those special people did for me:

The Birthday Cake my Mother-In-Law made me.
Gifts from the FAMBAM

My Desk at work

For me, I always consider thoughtfulness as something GREAT! I'm very grateful for the people who surrounds me. I feel blessed that no matter where I go, I always meet interesting and warmhearted individuals.

As for my Birthday wish...  Nah! nothing really.. just to get through life's toughest battles.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just a Recap

Hello Again! It's been awhile.... Happy New Year,too!

What has happened to me in the past 4 months?

Here's a recap in pictures..

*Brother-in-law's Wedding*


*Bellingrath Gardens: Merry Christmas in Lights 2014*

*My First NFL game: Packers @ Buccaneers*


**Our Second Christmas "real" Tree in our New Home**

 **At one point our backyard look like this. Reason: a pipe burst!**
those white things are icicles.

Other Highlights:

Spent our first Christmas with the in-laws and Michael's cousin surprise us with a Baby news.
We are in the process of updating our kitchen. It means we don't have a kitchen.
Super Bowl XLIX is coming: Seahawks vs. Patriots

Also, I got this book from a book sale at work, found it interesting and wanna give it a twirl. Hopefully, I'll be able to answer it everyday.

And that's that...