Monday, February 29, 2016

It was All But a Blur

This month has been a roller coaster for me there has been a lot of Adjusting, Sleep Deprivation, Taking care of a new human being and etc.

I feel so scattered-brain that I can't even focus on what to write. However, I'm hoping that I will get my groove back. Right now, my main focus is my daughter. The only time I get to relax is when she's sleeping and my mind is completely overwhelmed that I need to unwind and collect myself.

I admit it's not easy having a newborn and I have my moments and bouts of sadness but whenever I look at her it all make sense again. I guess this is what they call being a mom.

Anyway, here are some Highlights for this month and end of January:

**End of January: Our Furbaby celebrated his 3rd Bday 01.30.16
Our Furbaby, "Neo"

**02.07 - My 29th Birthday and I receive the most special gift in the world, my daughter.
**Celebrated my Birthday a week before it with my fellow Birthday Peeps, Brother-in-Law and his Wife.
**2016 is a Leap Year which means February has 29 Days.
**Lastly, my Daughter turned 1 Month Old this month. oh! how time flies. She already knows how to stare

A glimpse of my Little One:
Her First Valentines Day!
Since Newborn photo sessions was not on our budget I decided to do it myself, it may not look as good as a professional but I think it turned out great.
This is actually a smile that I first captured on my phone.
 And this is her now at 1 Month Old.

Can't believe that it has been a month since she was born in this world. Spending all the waking and sleeping hours I have with her until I go back to work. ='(

Until next time... See you all next month! =D