Monday, March 18, 2013

Update: My Favorite Month

It's been 55 days since I was here. 

So, Here I am once again updating some things about what's going on with my life.


*On February 7th, I turned 26. It was my first time celebrating with my husband, we didn't really plan on doing something. Everything we did were on-the-spot. We ended up, playing tourist... We did the Conch Train where we get to be toured around downtown Key West with our Guide showing and telling us the historical backgrounds of every location we pass by. After which we did the Sunset Sail w/ free drinks and some conch chowder. It was really fun... Awesome experience! Anyone who would ever go to Key West should try the Sunset Sail - Highly Recommended! At night time we went to "Better than Sex" it's a Desert Restaurant w/ cool Menus. It has that romantic and dark setting and very delicious desert. TRY IT! Even thought they were minor mishaps, I still manage to enjoy my day with my man. It was something special, that for sure I will never forget.

*February 14th, Valentine's Day! - I never had a date on valentines day but not on this year, I got my first date  and that's with my husband. We had our first valentine's date at Benihana (Japanese Restaurant). It was a little bit late for dinner but it didn't stop us from going through our plan. It was really fun watching the chef make the food in front of you. All in all - It was fun and memorable!

*February 21st and 22nd the day I got my first car and got my license the next day. I couldn't ask for more. I'm indeed blessed. It was very fulfilling and very exciting to finally drive and have my own car. So thankful for my husband support and being positive all the way.

In conclusion, My February was WONDERFUL and SURPRISING!
A lot of 1st happened and I will always treasure those memories.