Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's the New Year and I'm still pregnant!

Hello Guys! Well, maybe some of you thought I already gave birth. Well, not really.. Not yet... I'm not complaining though cause I want this baby to be cooked very "well done". Although, it's taking a toll on me.

Here's my 38 Week Bump Photo that was taken last Tuesday:

It's just been really busy lately, juggling with work and preparing for the baby. I really wanted to stay at work till I "Pop" since I have no issues with this pregnancy, but it got me thinking, the type of work I have requires the files I handled to be hand-off to someone else for them to continue working on. So, today I finally decided to plan when I will be getting off considering that the baby will not come out anytime soon. Technically, my last day at work will be on the 15th. The next week I will be taking my Personal Leave since I have some paid time off left just to get me relaxing. Then the next week after that will be the start of my Maternity leave. As if, I can control this baby but I just want to ease my mind thinking about my work and the coming of a newborn.

Another thing, which I'm not a 100% sure about but I'm very grateful with is what my Supervisors have done for me. Since I've only been employed as a Permanent Full Time from my work for about 3 months I'm unable to get some benefits that my Work gives to their employees for maternity leave and I'm only allowed 6 weeks of leave too. 6 Weeks is really short for taking care of a newborn but I also can't abandon my work, I have too many responsibilities to even consider not working. My Assistant Supervisor who is a very sweet and caring person is giving me 2 weeks of her Annual Leave so I could stay with my newborn for 8 weeks. What an amazing person!

On top of that, it requires for my Supervisor to approve and submit the request to the HR Dept to get this things done and scheduled. The Note or Justification that my Supervisor wrote to the HR almost had me in tears. I feel so special reading it and I'm so lucky to even have them as my bosses. Although It's not yet sure if HR will allow it but the thought that my bosses go beyond to make this happen is enough for me.

I can't thank them enough for doing this to me. I don't know why I deserve such treatment but this is something to be really grateful for and why you have to look forward everyday with Hope. There are always some great people out there who are ready to help you in times of need blood related or not.

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