Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Packing Begins


Days are flying by like crazy, just thinking about it makes me nervous and excited at the same time. I want to hold my baby girl and see her tiny face again. Last time I saw her was during my Anatomy Scan, I was 22 Weeks then. Now, at almost 33 Weeks, I'm in the Homestretch. What more can I do than to get packing, you'll never know when you're ready to pop. 

Packing is something that I really don't mind doing, I've been traveling a lot, and have move a lot of times that it's something I'm so used to. But packing for a hospital bag is a different ball game, I guess. I have to google some guidelines on what is necessary to pack during this time.

So, what's in my Hospital Bag or What will I be bringing at the hospital?

For me:

**Birth Plan - I'm planning a Natural Birth and this is something I strongly wanted. Although, sometimes it might not go as planned, it's still very helpful to let your medical team know what your preference is.
**Socks and Comfy Slippers - It's gonna be cold in the hospital for sure and it's also gonna be around winter, not that it's gonna get so cold here but weather is very unpredictable in Pensacola.
**Maternity Tank Tops - I bought two just in case.
**Maternity Bras and Pads 
**Toiletries - Soap, Shampoo, tootbrush, toothpaste, facial wash, deodorant, moisturizing cream, lip balm - That sums up for me. I don't do make-up but if you do you might also want to bring that with you.
**Hair Ties and a Brush - I have crazy long hair and it would not be nice to be all sweaty(during delivery) and have my hair everywhere. I can't even imagine.
**Glasses which is like attach to me anyways, I'm blind and I can't leave the house without them.
**Bath Towel - according to my sources hospitals do provide but they are very thin. I really don't know what kind of towels the hospital will provide but just to be safe, I'll bring my own.
**Robe to keep me warm
**Comfy Clothes during labor, after delivery and upon going home.
**Undies that I'm not scared to get damage/stained
**My Nook Tablet - I'm not even sure if I can still read during labor but who knows. =P
**Phone and Charger
**My Camera and Charger (if ever my camera's battery is half empty, but I doubt it since I have dual battery)
**Nursing Pillow
**I might even bring an extra pillow for myself to keep me comfy.

For the Baby:

**First and foremost, the car-seat. Hospitals will never let you leave with the baby without a designated car seat. I did call my hospital and check with them if they are okay if the car-seat is convertible. It was a relief to hear them say it is as long as it's installed properly and that it has the correct requirements for an infant/newborn.
**Going Home Outfit and some extra - I have heard from different parents that they have change their baby's clothes a couple of times. So, I'm bringing at least 3 pairs of baby clothes.
**Swaddle Blankets
**Receiving Blankets - I know the hospital provides one but it's always nice to have some extra.
**Hats - just in case we need a clean one.
**Baby Wipes
**Blankets to keep the baby warm while in the car seat.

For the Dad:

Since we don't live that far from the hospital and we have a dog, my husband can just go home, take a shower and tend to our dog after delivery. But during labor he might be there with me the whole time good thing we have my in laws so they might be able to help us with our dog.

I do have to pack something for him still such as clean clothes, toiletries, pillow and blanket.

Luckily, the hospital that I'm delivering has a Starbucks, 24-hr Subway Restaurant and Wendy's. Also, it is located right next to a MALL. Food is not scarce in that area.

I think that's about it for now. All I'm just wishing and praying is to have a safe delivery and hopefully it will go as planned.

How about you, What was in your hospital bag?

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