Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reading Again

I've been really slacking in terms of reading. According to my Goodreads, I'm 21 Books Behind Schedule. Ahhh!

I have too much books in my bookshelves, Nook and iBooks but I do not have the time to read them.

Lately, I regain my love for reading and this is what I'm currently reading:

THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

I know it's now showing on theaters but I refuse to watch the movie not until I finish this book. I haven't finish it yet, however, this book is so interesting. I love how this books is written. It actually gets your attention. It makes you believe that it actually happened.

Oh! The beauty of a good book. I can't wait to finish it and watch it on the big screen.

As what Mark Watney said, "I'm pretty much f***ed."

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