Monday, September 7, 2015


One of the things that bother me so much is when people act like they are entitle to tell you what to do with your life. I grew up in a place where people technically mind other people's businesses. Although, not blood related, they tend to consider everyone like a family. I don't have anything against being treated like a family, but there's always a limitation.

It's just became too much that I feel like I don't want to keep quiet anymore. I'm too tired of reading every post and every comments they have on how or what should I do with my life. Granted, they have experienced more and have been unto some rough times as well. But constantly stating something which is not ever gonna happen anytime soon is aggravating and depressing. These people technically know what's going with my family who is back in my home. All I need is some consideration of the fact that these whole thing makes me so upset because I know for a fact that I cannot fulfill it anytime soon.

For sure, they will consider it as a joke or just for them to say something. But don't you have to consider the other person's feelings in regards to this? Some Adults are so inconsiderate about the younger people's feelings. They think, just because they're older they can just tell you what they want for you to do or in their best interest.

My family has been in a constant battle with life for sometime now. I do not want to hear anymore comment or add insult to our situation. Just because on the surface we look fine doesn't mean we are undeniably OKAY. People need to know where they stand. People need to know that no matter how close you are with this person there is always what you call Boundaries.

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