Tuesday, September 8, 2015

And for some Great News!

Today was really great start of my work week.

It would have been just another ordinary day until my bosses pulled me out and talk to me in private. They were pretty straight forward and spill the beans. I was just offered a Permanent Position....

It was one of the greatest thing I've ever heard in awhile. It was just so great that I literally had my smile from ear to ear. I can't contain my excitement that I just literally express to them how grateful I am for the offer. I immediately accepted without even thinking. Thinking back, I look hilarious... I was to excited and too happy to even contain myself.

Then I remember a week from today, I had a dream, that the Asst. Manager personally told me about the permanent position. It felt so real, that I woke up disappointed. Fast forward to today, I feel like this is just a dream and it might end. It still feel surreal. I've been working with the company as a Temp for about a year, I started with a different position which is really hard to get permanent, one day I got bored, I wanted to do something different and something more challenging. Then I got offered to what I do now which is Processing, it's still a temp job but it's way different. I gladly accept and started training last February, by April we hit the Floor and started it all by ourselves. I was determine to do the best I can and then finally got recognize about the dedication I'm putting up with my work. It is truly an amazing feeling.

Very Grateful for this opportunity, there's no better timing than this.

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