Friday, February 13, 2015

My 28th...

February 7, the day I was brought into this world.
Another year older...
Birthdays... I can still remember, as a kid I always look forward to that special day, where I feel the most important person in the world. Growing up, my parents did everything in their power to celebrate my birthday with a blast. It was a celebration, a family gathering, food galore heck I can even invite almost everyone I know.

Now, it's just an age difference. I haven't been "celebrating" my birthday since I was 18. I never look forward for anything but somehow friends and families turn up with something. I'm grateful for those moments, although I don't think I deserve it that much but the thought of them doing such things makes me feel so special.

Here are just some of the special things those special people did for me:

The Birthday Cake my Mother-In-Law made me.
Gifts from the FAMBAM

My Desk at work

For me, I always consider thoughtfulness as something GREAT! I'm very grateful for the people who surrounds me. I feel blessed that no matter where I go, I always meet interesting and warmhearted individuals.

As for my Birthday wish...  Nah! nothing really.. just to get through life's toughest battles.

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