Saturday, September 6, 2014

If Only...

Two words means nothing but put together means a lot "If Only..."

One night, as I drove myself home to work. I pass by this small bridge and saw a tiny animal passing through. I wasn't sure what it was at first, It was pretty dark already and all I can see is a tiny black animal stopping on the other side. As I pass, I've notice it was a tiny dog. I'm pretty sure it was a dog, it looked at me for a moment and I saw a collar hanging on its neck. I wanted to stop, to get a closer look and find the dog's owner but I didn't, caught up with people behind my back, and the fear of not knowing that particular area specially at night time, scared me. One thought in my mind was, I hope someone would pull over, someone who live close by. Then as I continue driving, I hoped for someone to stop for that poor dog.

As I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I prayed that hopefully someone found that poor thing, I slept on it and wake up the next day. As I drove myself to work, I once again pass by that road. Then, I had a bad feeling, as I was getting closer to that same spot I saw a tiny dark thing lying in the middle of the road. THE HORROR! It was the tiny dog laying lifeless in the middle of the hwy. I felt like crying, guilt stricken for what happened. I felt so bad, that I decided using another road to/from work.

My heart is still filled with sadness every time I think about that poor dog. I can't even begin to imagine if that was mine.

I never shared this to anyone until today, I was covered with guilt knowing that an innocent life has been taken away. I could have done more to save that animal's life but I got scared and for that it will always be at the back of my mind.

Monday, September 1, 2014

It's September


BER month which means christmas is starting back home, No, really! Philippines (where I came from), starts their Christmas Preparation when BER hits the calender. I don't know who started it, just that we love it.

Going back to the US. It's Labor Day... No work and I get paid. Yey! However, we didn't really do much today. Just hanging out at home with 3 dogs, reading a book, doing laundry and eating spaghetti.

I was checking my backyard earlier when I saw a bird's nest and it looks like it's newly made. Well, whatever it is. It look nice.

I just hope my dog won't get to it.

Last week, we went to New Orleans, LA (for a day). It was my first time to be on that state. It always excite me whenever I get to a new state I've never been. It's like achieving something. Anyway, it was quick. I would love to see more of NOLA, however, we have to leave right away. Some other time maybe, it was only 3 hours away anyway.

Since, we've move our house is so empty. We're slowly putting everything into place. One of the things I'm so happy about is my bookcase. I personally install them myself.

Lately, I have been reading.  I'm pretty proud of myself. I have been slacking with my reading. I've always love to read and this time I'm really up for it. Thank God for good books.

Hope y'all had a good long weekend and Labor Day.