Monday, September 1, 2014

It's September


BER month which means christmas is starting back home, No, really! Philippines (where I came from), starts their Christmas Preparation when BER hits the calender. I don't know who started it, just that we love it.

Going back to the US. It's Labor Day... No work and I get paid. Yey! However, we didn't really do much today. Just hanging out at home with 3 dogs, reading a book, doing laundry and eating spaghetti.

I was checking my backyard earlier when I saw a bird's nest and it looks like it's newly made. Well, whatever it is. It look nice.

I just hope my dog won't get to it.

Last week, we went to New Orleans, LA (for a day). It was my first time to be on that state. It always excite me whenever I get to a new state I've never been. It's like achieving something. Anyway, it was quick. I would love to see more of NOLA, however, we have to leave right away. Some other time maybe, it was only 3 hours away anyway.

Since, we've move our house is so empty. We're slowly putting everything into place. One of the things I'm so happy about is my bookcase. I personally install them myself.

Lately, I have been reading.  I'm pretty proud of myself. I have been slacking with my reading. I've always love to read and this time I'm really up for it. Thank God for good books.

Hope y'all had a good long weekend and Labor Day.

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