Monday, June 2, 2014

We have move

We have finally moved... Not quite, the husband went back to Key West and continue working for two weeks then he'll be officially PCSing after that.

Pensacola has been good to me so far, it's really different from Key West... I like this a lot more, I'm getting used to the long drives to get somewhere, the number of shopping centers and the Beach is awesome.

It has been so quiet without the husband around in our empty house. It's mostly just my dog and I. The in laws are close by so time to time I get some visitors and invites. My dog is loving our backyard. It's something new to him. Loving the fact the we have our own house now. It's a dream come true and more space... yey!

Sad part is I have been struggling a little about my job search, I'm technically on Job Search Leave from my employer until something opens up in one of their stores here, it's indeed stressful for I need a job so bad. So, instead of just waiting for an availability from my employer, I've been on a hunt for other jobs in other companies. Hopefully, something pops up cause I don't think I can still wait this long.

In the lighter side of things, my Brother-in-law finally proposed to his girlfriend. I'm so excited for them and another addition in the family.

Well, that's it for now. Hope to post something next time.

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