Friday, February 7, 2014

A year older and it feels good

Embracing a new year is such a blessing and today marks my 27th year of existence. Another year of endless possibilities and challenges. 
Google even knows it's my birthday! ^_^
This was taken at work earlier, Cake was made for everyone who's birhtdays fall in the month of February.

Michael took me at TGIF for dinner and Better Than Sex after for dessert. My favorite place here in Key West.

Getting something on my birthday is something I don't expect. However, you can't help but feel so special when someone gives you something, right?!

This one was given from a very good friend of mine. I was completely surprise, who would have thought. Felt so grateful for this wonderful gift.

I also got Birthday Cards. From my in-laws and my colleagues which is for me very thoughtful. I love Greetings cards and letters. For me they are very special. Effort is very rare nowadays, and it really is a wonderful when people do it just to make you smile. And for that I'm very much happy. It's the thought that counts that's my motto. 

This one is from my Colleagues.

this is from my in-laws

I don't need a big celebration just to make me feel special just being with my love ones is enough to celebrate such a special day of my life. Now, let's see what my 27th yr has in store for me.... I'M UP FOR IT!

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