Monday, January 21, 2013

The Weekend Get-Away

Last week was so special for me, finally got off together with my husband so our plan to get away from Key West came true. We had a great time together. We stayed two nights at Miami Beach and watch the Cirque Du Soleil : Totem which was by far AMAZING! - worth every penny. Too add up, I got Saturday Off which was really a surprise for me. So, instead of going back we decided to head west and went all the way to Fort Myers, FL. It was a long drive through the Alligator Alley while on the road I decided to look for a place to stay and found some great deals for a very nice hotel because of my employee discount we couldn't be any happier. I was glad we found that hotel. We visited Fort Myers Beach and was astonish how white and silky the sand was. 

                 After looking around, we decided to get dinner somewhere and forgot that it's Friday night and that all of the restaurants are gonna be PACKED! and I mean totally crowded. We ended up eating at Texas Roadhouse. After dinner we did our usual Friday-Movie-Night and watch "Mama". The movie wasn't scary but at least it had a story. It was chilly the entire night too but was tolerable. 
Us enjoying our time together

All in all our mini-vacay was fun and exciting. I would say the fun and the things we did were just an icing on the cake what was important for us was that we're together.

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