Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's my OFF!

Finally got two days off. 
It's been awhile, I was looking forward to this day. Unfortunately, my husband is not home again. I was hoping I would be able to spend my two days off with him but of course the Military has to interfere. I wish I knew someone here, so I could go around and look around downtown, or be able to drive around but sadly I don't have a DL yet(embarrassing!), so I'm stuck here. I'm trying to make myself productive today, seems like I'm being so lazy and really not in the mood to do anything.

In the brighter side, my man ask me to try to get next week's Thursday and Friday off (the 17th and 18th). I ask him why he said he's off on those days and won't tell me his plans. So, I'm left wondering what it will be and let's just leave it that way until then. I tried to ask my boss about it and hopefully it will be approve, Finger's CROSSED! I'm really hoping that I get those days off and I'm sure is looking forward for whatever my husband is planning to do. I haven't spent even just for a day with my husband this year yet, so I'm really anticipating for this and hopefully, the military would be good to us next week.
Wish me luck! 

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