Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Blues

Christmas Day just ended and it's time for the hubby to come home. Actually, he's not home right now and didn't spend Christmas with me. It was a sad day when christmas arrived, It felt lonelier than ever. This also happened to be my Third Christmas away from my 1st Home (Philippines).

Why I was alone on Christmas?

Work didn't let me go, In the industry that I'm in Holidays are the busiest. It was sad, knowing you can't even have a break for the most wonderful time of the year but we're working in order for other families' Holidays to be special. It's a fact but what can I do?

Why my man was not with me at Christmas?

It wasn't because of work, but because it was already planned. Before I even got the job my man and I already planned to go to his parents for the holidays. It work out for him but not for me and my work. A lot of people, thought we should have been together for Christmas. I Agree but in a certain level. There are some things to consider and I understand compeletely even if it was really sad for me.

What did I do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

NOTHING really. For me it was just like those ordinary days, but everytime I check on my social media networks then sadness came. Anyway, overall it was just some boring day for me.

Today's a new day and I'm excited to see my husband again...
Safe trip for my man on his way home.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year Everyone!!!