Sunday, September 9, 2012

Having fun in Key West

I haven't been blogging for awhile... August was just too busy for me. The In-laws were here for about a week then my Husband's Birthday came and just a lot of outdoor stuff going on. So, I'm thinking of sharing some pictures of what kept me so busy. Here they are:

A picture of my Husband with his Mom and Dad.
Beautiful Sunrise here in Key West.

 We went Paddle Boarding and Guess what we saw along those shallow waters? 
It was my first time to see one physically too.

Awesome experience!

 We went back on doing one of our favorite past time too and that is...


Michael once again caught a grouper not big enough but at least.

...We Rented a Boat...

And saw a Pod of Dolphins swimming along the open sea...

We also did some Lobster Hunting while Snorkeling... I couldn't believe how fast this Lobsters' swim.. they are indeed very tricky to catch....Did it twice... First time we did it Michael caught 3 all by himself... 

The Second Time was with Michael's co-worker Matt. And together they caught four (4). It's suppose to be 6 but the other two were too small. 

Michael and I with our Lobsters!

That's about it. Hope you guys enjoyed my blog!
Thank you for reading.

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