Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Photo-A-Day 1: Self Portrait

Here is a picture of me, Yup that's me.. Just took this shot today
and I really look tired, tired of doing nothing...

:A little bit about my life and my folks:

I'm 25, Asian-Filipino, Before I got married my Immediate Family only consist of three people; Me, My Mom and My Dad, makes me an ONLY CHILD

Mom, is back home in the Philippines, Dad's still working in the Middle East specifically 
Abu Dhabi, UAE and I'm here in the US. We are all in a long distance relationship. ^_^ Hopefully or someday, mom and dad will join me here in the US.  

As I've mentioned in my Intro Blog, I grew up in the Philippines, Yes I did, My Mom race me she sacrificed a lot of things even her dreams just to race me while my dad is away working for us to live a good life. It's not easy being away with one of your parents, I feel like I only knew my mom, I was never close to my Dad but I always knew he loves me dearly just that we don't get along pretty well. Mom on the other hand is like a sister to me, we get a long in a lot of things and fight in some stupid reasons... but I always had that utmost respect towards her no matter what. Honestly, If you ask me who I am scared most between my parents I would say my mom. LoL. 

My Parents are very supportive in everything I do. But don't get me wrong, even as an only child, they never spoiled me. They always tell me in order to reach my dreams I have to work on it and that I have to set a goal for me achieve good things. And that's one of the best things that they ever shared to me. For that I am really grateful to them.

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