Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Olympic Moments

Since I was caught up yesterday about the opening ceremony, I might as well share some pictures I took with my phone from our TV. 

Yup, you've read it right I was crazily in tune with the ceremony that I began taking pictures. It's as if I was there. Funny I know, but things like these are very interesting to me. I really like  to watch when Countries Unite or in any way they're like in one place at the same time. It just amaze me! 

So here they are:

The First Picture was during the start of the program. They showed the Industrial Revolution of UK
The Second one is the combination of the 5 rings as the Symbol of the Olympic. It's actually very colorful. 
And the Third is Her Majesty the Queen of England and the raising of the Union Jack(Flag of the UK).

It's the Philippines and the United States of America
.My Home Countries.

A little bit of info about the Philippines:
As you can see the flag bearer is wearing a "sarok". It's a crafy hat very common among farmers and may be used for everyday use. It is also waterproof. There's even a festival in honor of this craft in Cebu called Sarok Festival.

The Raising of the Olympic Flag and Lighting of the Olympic Torch

Big Stars also participated with the opening ceremony:

There you have it my collages during the opening ceremony.
and so it begins...

Thank You for reading my Blog! ^_^

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