Monday, July 9, 2012

July Photo-A-Day 9: Big

Photo by me: my subject for today
Something BIG... The first thing that pops-out of my mind is our BIG Plasma TV. Well, its sort of kinda my best buddy here in the house specially, when Michael(my husband) is at work. As you can see, I'm on a series marathon from Netflix and for this past weeks I've been watching "Ghost Whisperer". 
I really like watching paranormal stuff, funny how I freak out myself to sleep every night still continue to watch this the whole entire day, ALONE. The irony of life. 

           I'm superstitious by the way, I really believe in this stuff. Believe it or not, I've experienced it myself in our house back home in the Philippines (by the way, Superstitious Belief is one of the Filipino Cultures). My experience weren't that harsh though just the normal stuff of paranormal. No big story to tell. ^_^

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