Sunday, July 8, 2012

July Photo-A-Day 8: Lunch

                    Good Day, Bloggers! So, I'm up now for my 8th Day. And for today's photo subject is Lunch. Today, I cooked Chicken Adobo for my Lunch. I am not a cook, in fact I'm not really good at it. But, I'm trying my best to be one someday. Learning. Baby Steps. 

This is my 2nd attempt to do this by the way, the first was not really that successful, So, I would assume this one is really an Okay for me, in my own opinion. I felt really good about this. It made me super happy. Well, I can't really say it taste good, but it looks good. Hopefully, I'll be able to cook more and share some stuff around here(talking like a pro, I know!). I really like cooking just didn't have the chance while growing up to do stuff like this. Since now I'm married, I have a kitchen, I can do whatever I want. I would say this is one of the best part of being married.

Oh, and about the food, It's a Filipino Recipe. A famous recipe back home called Adobo.

           A stew made with meat (pork or chicken) or fish that has been marinated in vinegar and garlic sauce, simmered, and then browned in the oven or pan-fried for crispiness.

A picture of my Lunch today!

 I made Chicken Adobo
And would love to try to do pork some other time. 

There you have it.
Thanks again for reading my blog.

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