Monday, July 2, 2012

July Photo-A-Day 2: Busy


A picture from South Beach, FL. 
I think this picture reflects the subject because as you can see there are different kinds of people in it doing different things and birds are flying around. 
There's just a lot of things going on it.

:About the Picture:

This was my first time to visit South Beach, so, I was a bit touristy about the whole thing. I came there with my suite-mate on a Christmas Day of last year(2011). It was cloudy. People were trying to get in the water but there were Jellyfish everywhere. Well, we still managed to get away from it, by going farther from the seashore. The water was a little bit cold at first but we manage, so it was still a good experience for me. It was crazy crowded specially during night time, we would have stayed but chose to go home instead. Overall, It was something fun and fulfilling for me to have gone to South Beach even just for a day.

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