Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Photo-A-Day 11: Letter

I Love Letters!

This letter is from a very dear friendShe's one of the sweetest and most caring person I've ever known. She's like a sister to me even though we never really hang out when we we're young (she's a bit older than me too) but she treat me like she knew me since then. This letter was actually a surprise, a "Welcome Back" letter. 

It's so special for me, specially that nowadays people aren't using that much snail-mail letters to write to someone anymore. I was really touch and so blessed to have people like her in my life. 

Her name is Estella. I call her "Ate Estella". 
A sister, not by blood but by heart.

The Letter from Ate Estella


"Ate" (Pronounced A-teh) - A Filipino term used to refer to an older sister or any woman who is older. It is also used to show respect and politeness

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