Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's JULY!

Today is the 1st Day of the Month, oh! How time flies... next thing you'll know it's Christmas again.. mmm...we'll not gonna get that far yet. 

So, since I really don't do much... I decided to try something for this whole entire month and hopefully I would be religious about it and finish it till the last day.

It's called, PHOTO-A-DAY! Here's a picture of it and  it is made by @fatmumslim... (found it online!)

I decided to follow this for the rest of the month and see how it goes. It would also help me to  update my blog daily... I'll post my DAY 1 on the next blog with a little bit of something about the given subject of the day just to spice it up a bit, hope anyone who's reading my blog will enjoy it...

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