Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Neighbor Alert!

So, you all know we just move to our new place, and what is a new place and new neighbors without something interesting and some drama. Well, this particular thing that I will be talking about doesn't involve drama (for now) anyway. Just venting about a rule that we know everyone in the community should know.

 Here it goes!

We move here last Monday, June 18th, All is well, we have two assigned parking spaces (Note: We only have one car for the mean time). The house is wonderful & everything's good. Until, One day our next door neighbor suddenly had a third car (we assumed it's their visitor) and park at our second parking space, at first we just let it slip because we thought it might just for a little bit, and then hours turn into days, it came to the point that they park on our main parking spot too, where it is really in front of our door. And to add up the guy who lives there works as a Law Enforcer(talk about RULES). Like seriously?! 

We can't take it anymore, I'm bad at confronting people, and my husband is busy at work and considering the fact that he's pissed, not a good idea for him to go talk to them. So, I decided to talk to my Realtor a.k.a Landlady and told her about the situation. I explained everything and she was so nice about it. Our next door neighbor has a different landlord by the way, good thing my Landlady knows their Landlord and acknowledge him/her about our complain.

This place is really nice, and considering that it is a gated community and that we are all assigned parking spaces I never thought we would have this little problem. Oh well, I learned something that you can never assume what people's personality and attitude is base on where they live. Actually, they could have just ask us nicely if they wanna use one of our parking space for a specific time. There are really people who are just inconsiderate and rude.

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