Monday, June 25, 2012

New Home

I'm Back! Its been a little bit longer than I expected to be able to blog again. ^_^ 
Because we just move to our new home, It's been crazy, moving stuff from one place to another. Nonetheless, We've made it... Well, it's not really that far from where we live before anyway and we just got our internet back. 

Now, We're ALMOST settled. I really like our new place. It's decent, gated, it has a community pool and it's a House (we live in an apartment before by the way). We just need to organize a little bit and we're all good.

Oh, and let me share a picture of our new home.
Here it is with Michael's truck:

Hopefully, we'll be here till we PCS. I love it here, and hopefully it will love us back... 


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